Hic et Nunc

Anamorphosis with spherical mirror
Ø cm 15


[…] Using a mirror tends to reinforce the link between the point of view and the perspective of a representation.
It is the same observer who remains captured within the anamorphic game, through his own reflected image.
For example, the distorted images surrounding the mirror, when reflected in it, create the illusion of an open window through which the observer sees his double looking towards him. In the work Hic et nunc, the clock face is the reflection of an irregular and undulating ribbon that surrounds the circular mirror. Only from a certain point of view can we read the time correctly; moving away from that point will give rise to different interpretations, in a metaphor that connects time and space. […]*

*(Introduction to the Catalog “Exposition du 01 au 31 mars 2015 Galerie BOA | Paris”)