What is the Anamorphosis

The art of anamorphosis.
Matter of points of view.

The word anamorphosis is a seventeenth-century neologism coined to indicate a genre of pictorial representation based on the study of perspective aberration, widely used in Baroque art.

From the Greek anà and morphè (anà expresses the idea of movement from the bottom upwards; morphé indicates the shape of the object), the term describes recognizable images only if observed from a precise point of view, or reflected in a mirror. From any other point of view, they appear distorted or indecipherable.


Painter (Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia). His artistic experience, highly varied, ranges from set-design, dance and choreography to animated films to ceramics. For many years he has worked in collaboration with Stella Battaglia on perspective and anamorphosis from the viewpoint of research, both theoretical and creative, concentrating in particular on anamorphosis with spherical mirrors as a completely original development of the traditional anamorphosis with a mirror (catoptric).

Sculptor (Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze). After working in dance and theatre, she turned to the figurative arts focusing on the theme of perspective and anamorphosis accompanied by an in-depth study of optical distortion in sculpture in collaboration with Gianni Miglietta.

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